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Strasburg Fire Department

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Strasburg Fire Department



The first out truck on all confirmed structure fires, 1201 is a 1998 Pierce Saber pumper/
structural engine. Carrying 1,000 gallons of water to start off, 1201 and its crew can handle anything from structure fires to trash fires. The waterous pump can push up to 1,250 gallons per minute, being the second-largest pump in our fleet.


Engine 1202 might be the oldest apparatus in the fleet but this second-out engine is still as dependable as it was in 1969! Giving Engine 1201 a run for its money, with a two-stage waterous pump that pushes out 1,000 gallons per minute, 1202 has been known to push more. Not only does the Mack serve its uses for us on a fire scene, it also carries a set-a-jaws to assist on multi-car accidents. 1202 is one of our two most versatile trucks.


The newest addition to our fleet, 1203 carries an 8-person crew. This engine is equipped to handle car accidents, hazmat incidents, mutual-aid with neighboring departments, and can also has an on-board cascade system for breatable air. Carrying 750 gallons of water, 1203 can easily start up the massive Hale pump, pushing out 2,250 gallons per minute! To make up for the smaller water tank, we carry two more tanks of foam, that which is great to reduce water damage in contained room fires. In order to light up the scene, 1203 has a 4-head, 30 foot light tower powered by the built-in generator. This engine matches up to the PTO used to run the pre-plumbed jaws of life, and the 12,000 lb. winch helps with vehicle recovery in accidents or with pulling one of our own trucks out of snow or mud.


Carrying up to 2,000 gallons of water, this 1999 Internal Tanker is a workhorse in the field. Not only does it haul water, but its portable pump pushes 300 gallons per minute, and it can be set up to run fill sites at dry hydrants, a pond or even creeks in our community.


Our Brush Truck goes were no engine can—right into the fields and woods of our township. Making the transport of water easier for our firefighters, this 1991 F-350 4x4 gets up close to brush fires. With 300 gallon water tank, the truck does up to 300 gallons a minute.

SQUAD 1210

The most commonly seen vehicle in our fleet, this 2006 Ford E-350 Road Rescue Advanced Life Support Unit handles most calls in our area. Specialized equipment onboard includes everything from heart monitors to splints and bandages to burn sheets. Our Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to use all equipment, and they are required to keep up with training, new techniques and local protocol.