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Contact Information

Strasburg Fire Department

125 2nd Street N.E.
Strasburg, Ohio 44680

Main Phone: (330) 878-7112
Emergencies, CALL 911!

Email: [email protected]

Strasburg Fire Department



This is our current roster of active members in order of rank and seniority.

Unit No. Rank Name

1246 Chief Andy Slemmer Investigator
1236 Asst. Chief Eric Houze EMT/ Investigator
1223 Captain Dan Page Inspector
1230 Captain Rick Mizer Firefighter
1231 Captain Ted Shetler Firefighter
1233 Captain Todd Whalen Firefighter
1226 Lieutenant Tom Whalen Firefighter
1238 Lieutenant Brandon Lake EMT/Firefighter
1220 Brent Metzger EMT/Inspector
1229 Paul Samsa Firefighter
1232 Dave Edie Firefighter
1237 Scott Whalen Firefighter
1242 Joe Turek EMT/Firefighter
1227 Steve Gilmore EMT/Firefighter
1228 Travis Metzger Firefighter
1234 Erik Raderchak Firefighter
1244 Mitch Warehime Medic/Firefighter
1235 Shawn Zurfley* Inspector
1243 Matt McPherson EMT/Firefighter
1249 Aaron Watkins Firefighter
1241 James Davis EMT/Firefighter
1240 Steven Joki EMT/Firefighter
1248 Cody Shetler Medic/Firefighter
1247 Brock Metzger Firefighter
1225 Jordan Turek Firefighter
1221 Zach Bailey EMT/Firefighter
1224 Corey Lumley Firefighter


*We are proud to have Mr. Shawn Zurfley, president of the Tuscarawas County Firefighters Association, as a member of our department.