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Village Council Meetings

Strasburg Council Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Strasburg Village Hall, located at: 358 5th Street. S.W., Strasburg, Ohio 44680.

Meetings start at 7:30pm.

The public is encouraged to attend. If you wish to speak there is an audience at the beginning of the meeting.

Village Council Committees

Property Committee

John Bitikofer (Mayor)
Ron Lambert (Village Administrator)
Jeff Smith (President of Council)


*Marty Zehnder
Liz Dreher
Dustin Briggs


John Bitikofer

Cemetery Board

Marty Zehnder

Village Administrator

Ron Lambert


*Kathy Burrier
Jeff Smith
Dustin Briggs


*Jeff Smith (330) 447-3020
Kathy Burrier
Don Wallick

Regional Planning Commission

*Kathy Burrier

Street & Alley

*Don Wallick
Marty Zehnder
Liz Dreher

Fire Pension

Jeff Smith

Police Dept. Board

David Warrick

Firemen's Dept. Board

Andy Slemmer

President of Council

Jeff Smith

Water & Sewer

*Ron Lambert

Insurance Board

Jeff Smith

Planning Commission

*Mike Durbin
Steve Smith
Rick Lautenschleger
Jeff Smith
Karl DiBacco
John Bitikofer


*Karl DiBacco

CIC Representative

Kathy Burrier

Board of Zoning Appeals

Brian Bitikofer
Kevin Herron
Lewis Dreher
Jerry Schultz

*Denotes Chairperson.