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Fall Cleanup - October 17, 2023


Curbside Collection from Kimble will take place on October 17, 2023.

Not Accepted: Hazardous or Toxic Wastes, Oil, Auto Parts, Batteries, Steel Drums, Ashes, Appliances containing Freon, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifier's, Liquids, Paint, Tires, Computer Monitors, Material containing Asbestos, Infectious or Biohazardous Waste, Concrete, Stones, Dirt, Sand, Brick, Construction Materials, Demolition Materials, Fluorescent Bulbs, Gas Cans or any other Flammable and/or Combustible Materials 


  • Items that cannot be bagged must be cut under 4 feet and under 50 lbs.
  • Appliances with Freon must be removed and tagged by a certified technician.
  • 55-gallon drums, barrels or cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers and may not be used.
  • Upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs and rolled carpet should be sealed and wrapped in plastic.

    Notice from Kimble: Click Here

Our New Village Hall

We are excited for our new Village Hall! Here are a few pictures from the dedication. Our wonderful high school band played the national anthem, and the Boy Scouts installed a new flag pole. Thank you to all involved!

public notices

Strasburg Fire Dept.

This notice is being published by the Strasburg Fire Department to advise the residents and businesses of the Village of Strasburg and Franklin Township on the status of the Twenty-Four-Hour staffing that was due to start on April 1, 2022.

This notice is to advise that there will be a delay in the start date of April 1, 2022. 


This delay is due to an Ohio Administrative Code issue pertaining to occupancy.    OAC 310.4 Residential Group R-2. Except as provided in Sections 301.4.1 and 310.4.2 through 310.4.4, Residential Group R-2 occupancies containing sleeping units or more than three dwelling units, where the occupants are primarily permanent in nature and where the units share an exit. A change of occupancy is needed for the Fire Department Social Hall from an Assembly to a Residential R-2. Once this change has been granted inspections and renovations can take place to allow for personnel to safely staff the overnight hours. 

We are anticipating a May 1, 2022 start date for the Twenty-Four-Hour staffing to begin.  We ask for your patience and understanding while we make these improvements to the fire station so that we can provide the communities we serve with a higher quality of service.

Tax Filing

Tax filings for the village will follow federal and state guidelines.

Impact Study

Strasburg Village Council is considering hiring a firm (using private monies) to do an impact study for a revitalization project to improve our downtown area in hopes to modernize the village. The ultimate goal of this study is to develop the area between 4th and 1st street (but not limited to), to incorporate new business structures, a courtyard near our park, new curbing and streetlights, crosswalks, etc.


The study is currently underway, and we would value the opinion of our residents on a few key items. Please see the survey to the right to take part.


There will be community meetings in the future regarding all changes.

Tuscarawas Library - Home Delivery!

The Tuscarawas Library is now offering a FREE home delivery service for individuals who are unable to make it to the library on their own due to illness, disability or mobility issues.


Deliveries can be made every two weeks to homes in the Tuscarawas Library service district (including New Philadelphia,Tusky Valley, Strasburg-Franklin, Garaway and most of Indian Valley Local Schools).


For more information, and to download their sign-up form, please visit their site, here:


Village Hall:

Mayor / Clerk: (330) 878-7115

Village Admin: (330) 878-3038


Income Tax Department:

(330) 878-7213


Water Treatment Plant:

Main: (330) 878-3038

Billing: (330) 878-7710


Police Department:

Emergency: CALL 911

Non-Emergency: (330) 878-7011


Street Department:

(330) 878-5705 or



Zoning Department:

(330) 432-7988



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